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Run dataframes in parallel using Apache Spark. Task Write a script which takes a comma-separated list of folders as input and returns a text string that provides a clean table of contents that is structured as follows: Folder name, Description (examples), References References can either be links to a doc or, more specifically, a link to a code block in the doc itself. (examples), Example Create a table of contents file with 5 levels of hierarchy, using a folder structure that looks like this: Top level: Sandbox, Second level: Sandbox-Example, Third level: Sandbox-Example-Example, Fourth level: Sandbox-Example-Example-Example, Fifth level: Sandbox-Example-Example-Example-Example. Notes Contents Feedback All code and data examples live in the sandbox on Github. Please use the sandbox for all development and only submit PRs if your code change is a bug fix or you would like to add support for a new feature. Step by Step Create a file, which contains a description of your project with a short title and an introduction to your project. Create a folder for your Kaggle project. Note: it's a good idea to create a Kaggle project for each notebook, so that Kaggle can help you monitor your notebooks. Kaggle does a good job of keeping track of your notebooks. If you need to create a new notebook, you can log in to Kaggle using your Github credentials. If you are logged in to Kaggle already, you can create a new notebook by navigating to the Kaggle portal, selecting your current project, and clicking Create a New Notebook. In the notebook files of your project, use the meta text: ``` {.coding} notebook-name ``` to keep track of the name of the notebook. In the Kaggle notebook, create a folder called Example. In this folder, create a folder called Sandbox. In the Sandbox folder, create a folder called Sandbox-Example. In this folder, create a notebook. Step by



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Chrome Os 64 Bit Iso 185 laidfra

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